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custom u bolts


At Kelmey Spring & Suspension we bend our custom U-bolts in-house specific to your sizing needs. We suggest replacing them every time you remove and install leaf springs. Our U-bolts are made with high tensile steel and custom bent to a specific size and form that will suit the exact specifications.


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Let’s start with the basics: What exactly do U-bolts do in a truck or a trailer?

Simply put, they keep everything together in your suspension. They clamp down on several vital components, including the leaf springs, the axle and axle seat, and the top and bottom plates. They’re typically made of high-tensile steel, which gives them the strength they need to do a heavy-duty job.

How important are U-bolts? Put it this way-without working U-bolts, your suspension doesn’t exist, and you’re not going anywhere.

Custom U-Bolts Vs Off the Shelf

Now let’s ask the next obvious question: Are custom U-Bolts better than their off-the-shelf cousins?

When you are modifying or replacing your suspension system, custom U-bolts will ensure they fit perfectly, so that your suspension system stays safe and secure. Custom U-bolts also help prevent any unnecessary wear or premature failures of suspension components, keeping you safe.

So what gets sized? Things like the thread diameter, the inside width and leg length, and the correct bend of the U-Bolt. All of that needs to be in the right place to get the best fit. 

In U-bolts and every other area of your suspension system, Kelmey offers:

  • Specialized services, customized to your needs

  • Trustworthy, reliable and timely services

Kelmey Spring Suspension

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