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Kelowna suspension


No shortcuts, no surprises. Kelmey Spring & Suspension are your local suspension specialists; servicing the Okanagan. We repair, install and customize leaf springs, coil springs and air springs, as well as bend custom u-bolts. We’ve dedicated ourselves to the highest standards in our work, specializing in everything suspension. We are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience!


A well functioning suspension system is crucial to the performance of your vehicle. A cars' suspension is responsible for stability on the road, noise, and tire wear. A well functioning suspension plays an important role in maintaining comfort and safety. A damaged and malfunctioning suspension is detrimental to your safety and the safety of your passengers. It is not something to be taken lightly! To book a diagnosis with one of our specialists today click here.

We provide quality care and repairs to all types of vehicles.

Specialized services tailored to your needs.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Check out our photo gallery showcasing some of our recent work

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